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OttoRotate 27th Jun 2019 15:30

Fatal Robinson Crash - Missing NTSB Report
Under what circumstances would the NTSB not issue a preliminary report within three weeks of a fatal commercial incident?

On Sunday, June 2nd, 2019, a commercially operated Robinson R-44 impacted the ground outside Cass, AR resulting in the death of the pilot and two passengers. A third passenger was hospitalized in critical condition. The aircraft was providing sightseeing tours of the Backwoods Music Festival at the time of the accident, and the remainder of the concerts were put on hold and then cancelled out of respect for the victims.

Now that over three weeks have passed, I cannot find any mention of the incident on the NTSB aviation accident database. I performed a query for fatal accidents in Arkansas in the month of June, as well as searched through the 59 line items currently appearing in the monthly report. Apologies if I'm just blind or not searching the correct places, but can anyone explain why this information would be missing?

Thanks in advance!


DaveReidUK 27th Jun 2019 23:37

Annex 13 specifies 30 days as the criterion for publication of a Preliminary Report.

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