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RomeoTango89 12th May 2019 11:06

Abergavenny Crash
BBC reporting - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-48243610

Hope all on board alright.

CBSITCB 12th May 2019 11:09

Light aircraft crash near Abergavenny

Part of a dual carriageway has been closed amid reports of a light aircraft crash.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said it has been called to reports of an incident near Abergavenny.

Gwent Police has closed the A40 between Raglan and Abergavenny.

Traffic analyst Inrix said there was "stationary traffic due to incident involving an aircraft and smoke blowing across the road"

daz211 12th May 2019 11:21

Picture of smoke and tailback hope link works.LIVE: Dual carriageway shut after 'plane crashes onto road'

CBSITCB 12th May 2019 11:33

“Eyewitnesses on social media have suggested no cars were hit and all those on board the aircraft have survived.”

Let’s hope that is correct...

srobarts 12th May 2019 12:29

Three occupants with minor injuries according to Gwent Police.

magruder1980 12th May 2019 12:31

IIRC there was an accident here in 2016 - a Piper G-SVEA hit the trees on takeoff (the runway is right by and parallel to the road and railway and finished up on the road - both trainee and instructor got out OK - sounds like all 3 pax here got out OK

treadigraph 12th May 2019 13:51

A Cirrus apparently.

The Ancient Geek 12th May 2019 14:54

BBC News reports that 3 occupants evacuated safely before fire took hold.
The road will probably remain closed until the AAIB have arrived and done their thing.

Super VC-10 12th May 2019 15:18

Cirrus SR22T 2-RORO (Guernsey). Power lines were brough down over a railway and run over by a train. Could this be a dual AAIB / RAIB investigation?

goeasy 12th May 2019 15:19

Looks like it crashed on overbridge rather than A40. Total closure of lower carriageway seems overdoing it if wreckage secure. (Looking at sky news video)

pettinger93 12th May 2019 15:22

The BBC has a video showing the aircraft on fire across the central reservation of a dual carriageway: looks like the A 40 to me.

Seloco 12th May 2019 17:32

There's a private airstrip alongside the A40 close to the accident site; is that perhaps where the Cirrus was attempting to land?

Whopity 12th May 2019 18:36

Whilst it should not have had any relevance to this incident, the Sky Demon map actualy shows this airfield on the wrong side of the A40!

whitelighter 12th May 2019 22:40

Light aircraft down on the A40

looks like the SR22 2-RORO

three in board, all pulled out safe. Looks like a close one. Reports it came down after hitting power lines

cats_five 13th May 2019 05:57

Interview with the former bomb disposal officer who pulled those very lucky people from the plane at about 06:55 on Today, radio 4.

ETOPS 13th May 2019 06:38

The Walesonline report features this picture of a damaged pole........


Hyperdark 13th May 2019 06:41

Originally Posted by Whopity (Post 10469745)
Whilst it should not have had any relevance to this incident, the Sky Demon map actualy shows this airfield on the wrong side of the A40!

It's likely that the road is shown in the wrong location, Skydemon Road positions are often way out

Seloco 14th May 2019 11:53

A later BBC report (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-48251547) shows that the Cirrus had previously landed at the private strip alongside the A40 to pick up two pax. It had just taken off when the accident happened. There is no doubt that the quick and brave responses of the first motorists on the scene really did save the lives of the occupants; the aircraft burnt out very fast!

GiveMeABreak 14th May 2019 12:48

And the two brave souls would most likely have been oblivious to the additional dangers posed by the ballistic parachute system. Maybe the regulators need to reconsider their suitability for use on small GA aircraft?

c5000052 14th May 2019 13:06

I suppose take off distance on grass with sr22 is close to limits at this airfield.

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