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anchorhold 22nd Jan 2019 23:50

While I agree with the above that AOCs provide a level of safety, nothing is being done about WINGLY flights either. In fact someone is offering WINGLY flights from Cardiff to Jersey and Alderney in a PA28 during the winter months, it is unlikely that the WINGLY pax understand that these pilots are not professionals and that they really should be wearing immersion suits in the event of a engine failure.

Fostex 23rd Jan 2019 00:01

Agree, it is just a matter of time before Wingly claims it's first victim.

Interestingly, my insurance policy explicitly forbids Wingly style flights - I wonder how many people are offering Wingly flights in aircraft for which this is the case.

Mike Flynn 23rd Jan 2019 00:37

cncpc 23rd Jan 2019 03:58

I used to fly piston Malibus, but I've never heard of an unpressurized one.

cncpc 23rd Jan 2019 04:11

Originally Posted by DaveReidUK (Post 10367417)
Sala was reportedly making a return/farewell visit to Nantes, having signed the transfer deal in Cardiff on Saturday 19th.

It may of course be coincidence, but Malibu N264DB was noted departing Rhoose on Saturday morning, flightplanned to Guernsey.

It's an entry-level, piston-powered Malibu 310P (Continental TSIO-520).

I wouldn't describe it as entry level. A 172 is entry level.

There have been a number of Malibu accidents.

cncpc 23rd Jan 2019 04:23

Stand corrected. The poster above is right on the unpressurized Matrix model.

saffi 23rd Jan 2019 04:44

Newspaper claims this is his last audio message sent from the airplane, complaining about the rough ride.


atakacs 23rd Jan 2019 06:34

Hmm would be interesting to know which cell tower relayed that message.

Mike Flynn 23rd Jan 2019 07:14

The football club spend 15million on a player and then use a single crewed Malibu instead of at least a King Air beggars belief.

Two pilots up front might have helped but as the recent San Sebastian accident demonstrates marginal VFR flying at this time of the year is a killer.

I flew a PA 28 many times from Cardiff to the Channel Islands for the cheap fuel 30 years ago.

Would I do it today? I’m a lot older and the answer is a big no.

DaveReidUK 23rd Jan 2019 07:41

Originally Posted by cncpc (Post 10367931)
I wouldn't describe it as entry level.

Well OK - it's the initial, lowest-powered, out-of-production version of the Malibu, if you prefer. :O

The Old Fat One 23rd Jan 2019 07:46

Even so, many life policies specifically exclude deaths in non-commercial or GA aircraft.
One hopes it is no way relevant to this thread, I'm merely correcting a falsehood having worked in the life insurance industry, the quoted statement is completely wrong.

What follows is valid in the UK and throughout Europe

Life insurance policies cover flying activities of all kinds through their special conditions, which appear to the customer (the insured) through extended questioning on said flying activity at the point of application and which will be legally recorded in the statement of particulars. All insurance providers differ in a marginal manner as to how they treat all manner of special conditions.

Generally, life insurance providers will not load for occasional flying activity (ie as an occasional passenger) but if they did for any reason, it would be clearly indicated in the life insurance cover documents.

Regular flying (ie as crew) will usually be covered following an analysis of the activity and with a subsequent premium loading.

Once on cover, and assuming nobody has told any fibs in the application, life insurance policies very, very, very rarely fail to pay out - the industry is massively regulated.

Sorry for the derail

DaveReidUK 23rd Jan 2019 07:49

Originally Posted by Edddrewre (Post 10367816)
I know there is an N reg in the hangar at Swansea - I have a photo of it. Not the same as the Norfolk pa46.

Thanks, but the question was which Malibu could have been used for Sala's round trip from Rhoose to Nantes. If it was the Swansea aircraft, nobody seems to have recorded it passing through CWL.

Incidentally, it's misleading to refer to N264DB as "the Norfolk PA-46".. I don't know where it's actually based, but it's probably not East Anglia, ditto the other 900-odd aircraft registered to SAC at that Bungay HQ address.

Air Soul 23rd Jan 2019 07:55

N264DB hasn’t ever been tracked by ADS-B Exchange, who don’t filter anything.

sellbydate 23rd Jan 2019 08:07

1984 PIPER MALIBU 46-8408037 N264DB owned by a lady Nr Mansfield, registered to what looks like a family consultancy business

ETOPS 23rd Jan 2019 08:22

Sorry sellbydate buts that's a misunderstanding.

American registered aircraft cannot be owned by foreign nationals thus there is a system of "trusteeship" to get round that. All the UK based N reg aircraft are registered to just a handful of such entities such as Southern Aircraft. It also has the side effect of hiding the true owner.

ATC Watcher 23rd Jan 2019 08:27

To correct a few points : Guernsey is class D airspace at this altitude, so you need a transponder to enter, they normally do not give exceptions .. Any aircraft whatever its registration nationality that wants to fly in EASA airspace requires a mode S transponder . Mode A/C are no longer to be used,, In the USA you can still use the old A/C transponder but then you cannot enter, let alone be based in European airspace.
Same for ELTs, to fly in a powered aircraft in the EASA airspace you need a 406 ELT. As correctly said they normally activate on impact . but if antennae is damaged on impact or under water it does not work ( i.e AF447 , MH 270, etc.. )
To cross a EU border you need a flight plan , and yes there was an IFR one filed . not night VFR

Sadly this morning on French radio played a recording of Sala from inside the aircraft ( in Spanish) said to be afraid of the poor state of the aircraft .:-(

sellbydate 23rd Jan 2019 08:29

Wrong - title is to Southern Aircraft Consultancy but actual ownership is an individual in Mansfield

Flyguy2006 23rd Jan 2019 08:37

There is a video on the BBC website titled My Life as a ferry pilot and it's show this aircraft mentioned above. It feels very eerie listening to what he says.

Gurnard 23rd Jan 2019 08:42

Thinking of 1981...
Some aspects of this tragic event bring back memories of the loss of P.68 EC-DHE on 3rd October 1981. The aircraft departed from Cardiff with pilot plus 4 pax on board on a night IFR to Alicante but disappeared off Guernsey and has never been found. Reports suggest there had been loss of an engine but I recall icing was talked about at the time.

Flyguy2006 23rd Jan 2019 08:47

Originally Posted by ATC Watcher (Post 10368052)
The French media have released the name of the pilot : " D.H. age 60 flying the aircraft since 2006" could that be the same individual ? .

DH is the guy shown in the video I mentioned. I can't link it as I haven't reached 10 posts.

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