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buffalox 7th Dec 2016 15:49

Plane crash in Basel in thick fog (confirmed)
Just now on the main runway on approach.

Currently on BA749 holding for takeoff. What sounded like a small plane (propellor or turboprop) crashed into the ground.

Captain said a plane was unsuccessful in their approach. Confirmed wreckage on runway. Emergency vehicles on site.

Mlambin 7th Dec 2016 15:54

Survivors ?

buffalox 7th Dec 2016 15:57

2 Attachment(s)
I heard the sound of the engine (hence propellor) and saw the fireball. Highly unlikely, the fog here is atrocious.

Globally Challenged 7th Dec 2016 16:06

Metar 071630z 35004kt 320v020 0350 r15/0900d r33/0800d fzfg vv///
m01/m01 q1035 nosig

taf amd 071348z 0713/0812 35005kt 0600 fg bkn001 tempo 0715/0724
0100 fzfg vv/// becmg 0800/0803 19006kt 4000 br nsc becmg
0805/0808 cavok

buffalox 7th Dec 2016 16:23

Runway clear, crash to the left of runway on grass few hundred metres past threshold.

KelvinD 7th Dec 2016 16:28

Planefinder seems to indicate the original poster's flight has just taxied back to the terminal.

DingerX 7th Dec 2016 16:30

LiveAtc has the tower recording, for what it's worth. Accident occurred at 16:41Z. All I could get off of it was BLSD.

Nemrytter 7th Dec 2016 16:32

Aircraft was a PA-34 belonging to a local flying club.

buffalox 7th Dec 2016 16:35

As the first post, sounded like a small plane, propellor, possibly twin engine. Not huge wreckage (we taxied past). Piper 34 sounds about right (unfortunately). Back at terminal, sounds like slim possibility runway might reopen. Not shut down yet so crew seems to hope so (perhaps).

KelvinD 7th Dec 2016 16:39

I can also confirm the registration HB-LSD belongs to a PA-34.

buffalox 7th Dec 2016 17:12

Approx location

BA749 decision to scrub will be made at quarter past seven (local). Police involved, confirmed fatalities (plural).

A/c shut down, flight to be rescheduled to tomorrow morning.

baselb 7th Dec 2016 19:00

Local news stating at least one loss of life.

Kleinflugzeug stürzt beim Basel Airport ab ? ein Todesopfer - News: Standard - bazonline.ch (German)

EcamSurprise 7th Dec 2016 22:13

09:45 - garbled go around call
11:45 - the BA call about the GA aircraft

Eysenck 7th Dec 2016 23:16

Local airport - very sad! The fog has been awful the last few days.

Porky Speedpig 8th Dec 2016 08:46

Accident at BSL 7th Dec 2016
BA Source reports a PA-34 passed low over a BA 320 at the holding point for take off at BSL and then crashed just off the runway. How close did they get?

ETOPS 8th Dec 2016 09:07

How close did they get?
Very - could have been a whole lot worse.

flydive1 8th Dec 2016 10:01

Or, could have been a lot better...

B737NG 8th Dec 2016 13:40

Flight took off under VFR / Spec-VFR ?

Above The Clouds 8th Dec 2016 14:03

How is that possible, we landed earlier in CAT II conditions !!!!!

buffalox 8th Dec 2016 14:27

For context, I was using sunglasses for the short drive to the airport. Parked, straight through security, but by the time I was airside you could hardly see to the end of the planes at gates. Sunset was 16:38, BA749 should have left at 17:15, accident was at 17:40.

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