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Originally Posted by no slots View Post
You know nothing about what is going on in Norwich except the bad press that you're so eager to share. So stay where you are and talk about something you might have some knowledge about because what is happening out there is of no concern to us over here. The airport is showing an increase in passenger numbers and flights year on year. Clearly these people have a choice and are exercising that choice by walking through the door.
Clearly you work at Norwich and are out to defend the place.

I certainly do have contact with it via a couple of friends who have the misfortune to work as pilots for KLM. Most of the traffic growth has come from the closure of the helicopter base at North Denes.

Have you seen the sad file picture in the Eastern Daily Press a few days ago? Rust stains showing through the paint on the entrance canopy supports. How much of the 'development fee' goes on paint and maintenance of the passenger areas?

I suggest you spool back three years and read some PPRuNe comments to you from 2014.

"As far as the 'growth of Norwich traffic' is concerned it would appear the East Anglian IQ continues to decline - or have the thieving airport management stopped ripping off passengers by charging them to get into the departure lounge with the 'Airport development fee'?

Without paying it of course you cannot get on a flight..................inspite of buying a ticket etc...

When exactly is the airport going to be 'developed'?"
This from Shaggysheepdriver

As for Norwich - the airport 'development' fee has according to their own site been used to pay for;
Over the last four years the ADF has helped investment in the following projects at the airport:

- Increase in holiday destinations (both summer and winter) and retention of scheduled services
- Terminal building extension and refurbishment
- Flight information system
- Main apron upgrades for aircraft parking in front of the terminal
- State of the art radar equipment
- Fire training and emergency response facilities and equipment
So in other words the basic running of the facility

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