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Originally Posted by megan View Post
They just accept the ops manual, they make no determination that the information contained there in is correct, particular with respect to aircraft information. Flew for an operator whose V1 take off data compiled in a ready use cockpit chart, and in the ops manual, guaranteed you would crash following a failure at higher temps if you elected to go following failure at, or after, V1. Chief pilots who write these things don't necessarily know the subject matter about what they decree. Cast a very jaundiced eye.
Thatís a bit bloody worrying!

For what does CASA charge all that money to consider an application for an AOC? Isnít a substantial part of the cost the time it takes to review the applicantís ops manual?

I would have thought that the unusual risks of operating into an island as remote as YSNF would have been obvious to even the most complacent of regulators and chief pilots.
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