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Originally Posted by Pavement View Post
There is a lot of demand between the Pilbara and BNE. A lot of FIFOs are based in BNE. Jetgo is a point to point operation so Iím not even sure if they would sell BNE to SIN for these services.

Iím sure theyíve accounted for the costs associated with unserviceabilities and occasional drop ins to ASP for fuel.
I'm totally sure they couldn't sell BNE- SIN as an RPT operation but if money can be made flying KTA to SIN you still gotta get the plane to KTA and while there may well be a lot of potential demand from BNE based FIFOs the fact is their employers fly most of them to the Pilbara via Perth. There is potential demand for lots of new regional air services in Oz but most of them don't stack up economically unless there are government or industry subsidies in the mix.
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