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Originally Posted by morno View Post
If the flight to and from Singapore is reasonably priced then why would anyone pay the absolutely ludicrous cost of the flight to and from Perth? Donít forget that in that part of the world, the catchment extends out for hundreds of kms. People out there will quite happily drive 4-500kms one way to get on a flight.

Could prove to be a winner. Good luck Jetgo.
Yep. I had friends that recently left town that would drive 500kms to LM for a flight to Perth as it was around $100pp cheaper each way. So for a $800 saving they would spend about $150 in fuel and 10hrs in the car.

I think a lot of eastern states people forget, or just don't realise how big and empty the NW is. And given a one way ticket to PH on average is $500, skipping the waster 6-7hrs flying south then back north is fairly appealing.
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