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Originally Posted by SARWannabe View Post
Sell the sizzle not the sausage, as they say. HQ has this nailed, charismatic personalities, eccentricity, flying tales, photos, memorabilia & importantly, a buy in from lots of other people from similar circles who they'd perhaps want to socialise with outside flying.
This may be so, but from my experience with HQ the selling point is their knowledge and expertise on the maintenance front. Dave Cross (and his team) excels not only with an exemplary standard of work, but also by consistently demonstrating faultless customer service along with a willingness to answer his phone no matter what the time of day.

The company wide (to a man) enthusiasm and general energy directed towards flying does nothing to diminish my positive feelings towards HQ.
Say what you like about Q, but his unique brand of support for helicopters and their associated industry has left an indelible and (almost) entirely favourable impact on what is a market area suffering difficult times.

By contrast, and of course I can only speak for my personal experience, HA regularly failed to return phone calls whilst I was trying to buy a machine. I didn't hang around to see if their service dept was any better.
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