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Yes, isn't it amazing that when a route is axed, not a sound is made by anyone - but "new" routes are announced from the rooftops. It's a shame about Berlin, that's one I thought might do OK given Berlin's large population.

A few locals like me are willing to pay more to fly into DSA but I think that most in the catchment area are still unwilling to pay what is often an extra 50-odd quid when cheaper options exist at either MAN, EMA or LBA. Certainly applies in Sheffield, where income levels are generally pretty low and EMA by road or MAN by train are pretty easy journeys.

The second stage of the link road will open shortly which will bring it right to the airport's doorstep. I'm sure that within the catchment area there's plenty of people who would be willing to pay for the convenience of DSA - but haven't used it yet. Word of mouth is that people who use it once always want to use it again. Barring another major financial meltdown, I think the airport has a decent future.
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