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Can't get terribly excited about any of this nonsense other than to observe that the source of most 'noise' would appear to be female. Equal pay, equal opportunity, equal access to the directorships/well-paid jobs, etc., etc.
'Equality', it would appear, only extends to the boundaries set by the 'ladies'. Sort of 'what's yours is mine and what's mine is my own' mentality. MUST have women-only this, that and the other but 'men-only' clubs ??? Of course not. We blokes only have ourselves to blame - once we gave up on the principle of 'keep them barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen', it all went to Hell in a basket!! ...
and another thing - how come FGM is BAD when circumcision is absolutely fine??
Should there be any smidgen of resentment about the above, I MAY allow my other half to access the computer for educative purposes.
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