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Dynamite1, you seem to be familiar with Mumbai but somehow I’m not convinced by your defence (that they saw “something” and “went for it” / saw rwy 14 is just not logical to me), just a couple of questions: 1. doesn’t RWY09 have a STAR? 2. You said it’s a vectored app to the final app track, so just where does the tower leave you to continue the app or is it when they say “rwy at _ o’clock, confirm rwy in sight”? 3. When following the app course via the FMC, isn’t automation required to be followed until MDA / rwy in sight? I always thought pilots were supposed to utilise all automation available to them in poor visibility (in this case, smoke/haze, sun in their eyes...)

misd-agin, my thoughts exactly (all your posts).
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