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Originally Posted by Ex Cargo Clown View Post
There is no such thing as "gender neutral". You are born with 46 chromosomes, and one pair determines your gender. You can't alter that.
That's unchallenged but when you look beyond that there are several permutations where the external appearance does not match the chromosomes. Apparently this was or is recognized to a greater extent in some cultures than in others.

If you tabulate all the permutations of chromosomes, appearance, self-consciousness of gender and attraction to other gender(s), you pretty soon need lots of space for toilets to suit all of them.

It would probably help to recognize this variety by allowing a neutral choice but it would also help if the lack of such choice or established way of addressing a certain minority would not be construed to be a denial of their existence.

There are languages where proper addressing of multi-gender audiences is much harder than in English. "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" would only need the last word addressed, while poor Germans who have just learned to conted with "Freunde und Freundinnen, Römer/innen, etc." need more adaptation still.....

The Swedish seem to have unisex toilets in smaller restaurants, etc. Ladies don't seem to like them....
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