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I actually hear what you are saying Sunfish and Leadie but it is not just CASA it is the whole frikken country gone mad. It can take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get permission build a house on your own land. We have a single political party masquerading as two differing mobs and we have do gooders everywhere spurned on by a controlled media. The average Aussie is too dumb to chew gum and pat their head simultaneously. They think that voting gives them a say in running the country. I don't see it changing in any hurry. Most are more than happy to accept an ever increasing level of bureaucracy and rules. Compliance and litigation are on everyone's lips except mine it seems. Everyone dons safety jackets just because they are told to.

Meanwhile down at the airport, the bloke who has wanted to fly since he was a kid and still does after 30 years in GA can still chuck the rule book in the corner and go flying and enjoy it.

Sunny, you have built an aeroplane, don't let the bastards get you down.
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