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There is a fundamental problem with your position Eddie Dean, negative evidence cannot be made into positive evidence.

Your position is "I'm all right mate! CASA has been OK with me! No bad experiences". You appear to never have had a problem. Neither have I. That is called negative evidence.

However there is plenty, bucket loads, of positive evidence that CASA and the regulations are dysfunctional. Start with the contents of Leadsleads 22 reviews and enquiries. People don't make this ^&%^ up. Read the Forsyth review. Look at what has happened with AVMED. Read the court and AAT reports.

Better still, go to places like NZ and watch what their GA sector is doing. In a morning at Milford Sound, I saw more GA activity then in a year where I live at the foot of the Australian Alps. CASA would probably even shut down the Milford sound strip as a safety hazard, given the runway approaches. The activity I saw there is just impossible under Australian regulations.

E.g Helicopter arrives,

- pilot leaves engine running, gets out and grabs baggage trolley (pax still inside).

- Out comes mum and rucksacks.

- Out comes Dad and two hunting dogs on leashes.

- Out comes the rifles.

- Out comes half a deer.

Pilot gets back in after unloading all this and taxis off.

Care to think how many Australian regulations that would have broken? Ever think about the poor bastard in Australia who lost his chief pilots job over a few missing entries in a fuel log?

What is the saddest thing is the stratospheric opportunity costs Australia has incurred thanks to dysfunctional Aviation regulation - the investment, growth and jobs that should have been happening in Australian GA but didn't because of our rotten system.

The GA sector is terminally sick, closure of country airports and declining fuel availability are just symptoms. Don't think that "I'm alright Jack" because you are part of the RAA or SAAA, CASA will come after you eventually.

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