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Casa in the early days dca caa etc had what we have now. In the 90ites approx there was a change. It was all good then over night more ex military became awi and the rote started.

Ncn for useing a longer than the ipc spilt pin
Ncn for a washer that the wrong part number same washer different package ( in house number same number)

Casa lie and cheat deceive and use the lame as their police force and prosecute them if they dont.
Its a dictatorship.
Poeple dont put defect reports because they get turned around onto them. Its a clear state of mind that we live in that at all times its someone's fault and they must be prosecuted for.

Aviation has never been in an unsafe environment than what we have been placed into now.

Regulations that are by designed to intrap the unaware and clearly in another thread now on prune that can be seen.

Whats clear and has been told to me is casa dose not wont ga. Its to hard for them to regulate.

Yes aroa they are corupt to the extreme what they done to you proves it. But like sam he will get off. Insteed of being charged with treason and goal time he will walk. Casa goverment is filled with so much outright corruption.

Prehaps if an awi is found to be lyning he faces a fine and goal time for a start. That may start to clean things up. But i wont hold my breath for that.
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