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You have to love the clap trap spouted on her about EI @ BHD. The airline will in the next 2 weeks celebrate 10 years of scheduled operations at Belfast, having served both airports over that time with based aircraft.

The airline has been very adaptable in the market, it acquired 319's as a better fit and had to contend with what is a very seasonal market. Off season the market is challenging.

Furthermore, it moved to BHD to pursue a more business orientated offering. Sadly due to the IAG piece, the LGW route was forgone. They have stuck with it, and now they are offering something that is sustainable.

It is easy to say that BA could do LHR. Many sources say that EI is leaner and lower cost, a good reason for them to be on the route from an IAG perspective. The collective LHR piece is picking up the passenger numbers. BA themselves took a hatchet to LHR BHD , hardly a vote of confidence as BHD bore the brunt of the cuts to facilitate leisure services ex LHR....

I think it is high time Aer Lingus were cut some slack, and rather recognised for being emergent and focussed on something sustainable for the future. They have stuck at it when others have cut and run...
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