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An electric 146

Good grief, an electric 146 !
Having witnessed the project from start to finish, it continues to surprise with the range of new uses; met research, firefighting, etc.
The wing - engine pylon geometry is ideal for this type of testing, which together with the aircraft’s twin hyd/elect systems and a four engining configuration should minimise problems and maximise opportunity. It should also be possible to test a range of different motor/fan sizes with the same installation as well as relatively large size open-rotor configuration.

As for the weight - cost debate, the reduced complexities of the power plant - optimisation of the gas path, no high temp metals, turbine containment, lower overall weight, could offset a considerable part of a battery installation.
Then there could be many advantages from not requiring a ‘wet wing’, reduced weight, ease of manufacture, fuel piping, pumps, and system integrity and isolation, ...

No wonder that the big players have made a significant move in the testing of future systems.
And perhaps an even quieter, quiet 146.
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