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Since TC makes such a fuss about the superiority of Transport Canada I looked up what they have to say:

There are some uninformed pilots who use “settling with power” to describe vortex ring, in fact some publications use the terms interchangeably. Confusion results when symptoms are related that do not describe true vortex ring but rather describe “settling with insufficient power”. This may occur when a pilot attempts to arrest a rapid, low power descent only to find that he has insufficient power available to bring the helicopter to either a hover or a no-hover landing without exceeding the engine limits. However, this is not a vortex ring situation.

Another situation, ‘over-pitching’ is often misinterpreted as vortex ring. This is where the pilot rapidly increases collective considerably and the engine cannot produce enough power to overcome the large, swift increase in drag on the rotor system. The result is that the rotor system quickly slows down and loses efficiency causing the helicopter instantly to sink. Again, this is not vortex ring.
Being called "uninformed" (or in plain English "stupid") is rather arrogant. I thought Canadians were so nice and polite?

Well apparently the Canucks have even more:
Settling with power is when a pilot can not arrest the sink rate after a RAPID, LOW POWER descent. What about a slow, high power flat descent where the pilot isn't able to hover either and falls on the landing spot, bending things giving enough height. That's not settling with power? Does the "may occur" mean, that this is one situation or this is THE situation but it does not always happen?

Over pitching is again something else. You can increase the collective slowly and still over- pitch. There is no need of a swift increase of drag. Anyway, nobody I can think of ever called that SWP nor VRS.

Anyway, after reading Transport Canadas view, I think, instead of having less confusion in the terms, there is even more.

After insulting everybody, they made it even worse.
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