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Well very interesting! What happened to all those 'posh' voices'? Did I drag it down when I joined in '73?

I recognise the first CLN ATCO as Keith Perkiss, second looks familiar didn't know his name. Was the TMA NE Bill Jellett, later in the office as Info' man or something?

At LL, it was way before my time, North seemed to be on the right of No2. When I arrived in '86 that would have been No1 S position. A very young Rod Metcalfe as No1 then I think No2 was Dennis Berryman who came to LATCC in the mid to late 70s. Paul Louden on GMC?

Interestingly lots of 'sloppy' RT considering we are looking at future Training Officer LATCC and LL LCE. 'Recleared', 'Call' oh dear!

What do you think Talkdown man?

Re sexism - a perfectly reasonable question from the TV man. When I arrived at LATCC in '74 out of some 350 plus ATCOs about only 8 or 9 were from the fairer sex - even when I went to LL in '86 there were only 4 ladies out of 75 plus ATCOs. Before I retired, on more than one occasion, I was the only bloke in the tower - one evening one Speedbird driver said you sound happy, I replied I'm the only guy working with four gorgeous ladies and they're taking me for a beer when when we're finished!

Happy days!
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