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Well Stobart like to talk up plans for the airport. I has a witness when a senior staff member was only too delighted to speak of first the runway resurfacing - involving closing it ( after the permanent biz jet goes to Southend for the duration ).
Pax flights still said to start next year . And they claimed EZY are wanting in due to the same freebie deal they gave them at Southend.
What I did find a bit ity was the idea they were ' speaking to another Irish airline '.
Given if I'm right in thinking Are Lingus still have some involvement - it's clearly not them.
But to insinuate FR . I may have posted before about this but it's no fantasy.
Said manager ( not naming ) was senior ' going by the I'd tag and seemed keen.
Maybe just maybe a limited summer only 2 route Charter for EZY eventually .
But not before Stobart can prove they can fill a tiny prop.
Finally . Rail operation ? Is this an office or a rail link too if so to where ?.
Nearest would be former stub of Waverley route south somewhere be Longtown ?.
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