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Originally Posted by FLEX/MCT View Post
I got suckered in by one of these DeVere scams when I first joined five years ago. It lost money pretty heavily for the first three years then rebounded well when the markets were buoyant to around a 14% gain. Thing is with the fees as high as they are I'll get stung again if the markets turn.

I've been working with Aly Ramzi at Mondial to transfer my money away from the unscrupulous and uncaring DeVere and into Mondials portfolio. Aly doesn't have any vested interests in screwing anybody over and is in a good place to advise on wether to stay in and reduce your fund charges to the minimum or bail out and take the upfront penalty and attempt to rebuild with your remaining money using the C fund or other low-charge platforms that do not require regular defined contributions that penalise you for not paying!

I won't put his direct email on here due to the obvious spambot implications but those of you with Mondial advisors can probably work it out or alternatively PM me, same if you have any further questions.

I can assure you I have no vested interest here but to recommend an avenue of help for anybody who finds themselves bitten by these cretinous companies and their toxic products.


Hi Flex

I have to tell you to be extremely cautions - and I'm going to be brutally blunt - you know as much about financial services as I do about flying airplanes - nothing. While I don't dispute your assessment of DeVere, there is a very big danger that you will jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Let's do a little forensic due diligence on Mondial.

Firstly, their website seems to be out of operation:

Secondly, I can find no trace of Aly Ramzi - his LinkedIn page seems to have been taken down.

Ask him for a copy of his terms of business, and a copy of the prospectus of the C plan - let's take a look under the hood.

BTW, the value of your existing plan is the money that you would get if you sold it. Ignore the fake values that you get on your statements. Email the insurance company and ask for the current encashment value.

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