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ATC have only recently stopped slowing us all down while still in the Scottish sector as the Emirates is within 20 mins
This is for Manchester? It’s taxiways were never designed for anything that big on a daily basis, Glasgow even less so. The fact that Emirates put a B777 in the grass due to the limitations of the taxiway at the 23 hold is a clue. Great news for GLA if they can pull it off without the farcical procedures MAN began with, in all honesty 3xB77W might make more sense but they went and ordered a huge fleet of the “iconic” Fugly and now have to fly it somewhere.

However the West Pier wasn’t intended for this either and the chaos when Emirates board a full B77W on 30 at the same time they’re trying to board a TUI 757 on 32 is quite the experience, more so when the EK queue gets in the way of boarding on 29 too.

HMS Sanderling has indeed come a long way!
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