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Originally Posted by IsDon View Post
The RAAF HR morons can't fathom it takes 18 months, minimum, to train a pilot off the street. Another 3-4 months for conversion. More for a knucklehead. They still think they can take them off the street and have them piloting an F18 overnight.
Turn it up mate! Name one HR 'moron' you know that thinks that. What are they supposed to do? I know its reactionary but you can't blame HR for speaking with QANTAS to slow the exodus - its obviously so they have a chance to train guys to fill the coming shortfall. Fair enough too I'd say.
One thing has always happened every time that QANTAS has recruited. The RAAF HR morons finally realise that they haven’t planned for attrition and get caught with their collective pants down.
I'm no fan of the RAAFs personnel management but its pretty difficult to screen, recruit and train in anticipation of QANTAS recruiting. Correct me if I'm wrong but its unlikely that QANTAS tells the RAAF anything of its recruitment plans. Same thing happened in 87-88. However, I've always been of a mind that the RAAF suffers from a retention problem not a recruitment problem so if anything the 'HR morons' are looking at the wrong end of the career spectrum.

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