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I disagree - Williams is not exactly a low budget team and they've been struggling with downforce the last couple years. You can't just look at the other guy's car and figure out why it has better downforce and/or lower drag than yours - you need a big, expensive wind tunnel and talented (expensive) people who know how to use it. I think if Red Bull had the same engine as the Mercedes, they would have dominated this year (in the same way that Vettel did in the 2011-2013 time frame) because their aero is so good.
A big reason why they can't follow as close now days is that there isn't as much ground effect with the flat bottoms and plank. Ground effect downforce doesn't suffer nearly as much when following closely - and the big increase in front wing size this year made following closely even worse.
Get rid of those huge, complex wings. Sharply limit the wing sizes - maybe 25% of what they are now, implement a silhouette formula so they can't add barge boards and other crap that 'isn't a wing but acts like one'. Who cares if they go slower in the corners - they'll go faster on the straights, braking distances will increase, and the racing will get better.

I remember watching an interview with Mario Andretti many years ago (when he was still an active driver) talking about racing at Indy. He said when they first started turning 200 mph laps at Indy, they were going 250 mph on the straights, and 150 mph in the corners - now with all the aero they're doing 230 on the straights and 220 in the corners (and the drop in the corners is just because they scrub speed when turning, they don't lift if the car is working). He preferred the old way because you don't normally crash on the straights and you actually had to drive the corners...
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