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Originally Posted by SWBKCB View Post
Restricting aero seems like an obvious fix - get rid of those fancy front wings, barge boards and other fancy flicks etc (and the pug ugly t-wings and shark fins). No real world benefits for industry and maybe the cars will be able to run closer
But they want to make competing affordable. Aero is cheap (compared to power or fuel economy), and if you see an interesting idea on another car you can copy it and have it on your car in about four weeks. Engine upgrades take a minimum of about 12 weeks to get onto the track, and cost an absolute fortune to do.

They are stuck betwen a rock and hard place. If they want to keep costs down (to reduce the domination of the established teams) then they must do things like limit the number of parts/engines/gearboxes they can use in a season. Otherwise you go back to the "bad old days" when each car would use 3 engines in a weekend - one for practice, a quali-special and a race engine. So that's six engines per team per race - 120 engines per season. Ditto gearboxes etc. The lesser teams can't afford that any more. But they can afford continuing aero development.

One thing that *might* help a bit would be to specify minimum orthoganal areas for the propulsion and braking cooling intakes, then allowing variable shuttering to avoid over-cooling (currently banned on a "cost/safety of complexity" basis). This might allow cars to follow more closely for longer without overheating things (especially brake temps). But to really follow closely would require the removal of the foreplane, and that would massively reduce speed in medium/high speed corners - by as much as 15 secs/lap on some circuits.

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