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I must say that FlyBe could market their Embracer 175 flights better. I've been doing a lot of flying recently, mostly with budget airlines but also with the established nationals, and they're all pretty similar when it comes to legroom and comfort. Basically, you are squashed in and the service sucks. However, one of my recent flights was CDG-DSA with FLybe and there is a massive difference compared to 737s - loads more legroom, just two seats each side of the aisle, very comfortable seats at that with mock-leather covers. OK the ride is a bit bumpier, but that s no big deal - for some it probably adds to the fun

If you book a flight though, there is very little info given about the type of plane or the level of comfort. Perhaps they should be marketing them as a lind of regional Ethiad, make the seating specs more prominant and, at least at DSA, offer closer check in times (similar to London City). At the moment you can see the prices are higher than many others, but there's no indication of the benefit.
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