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So, as an old aged pensioner I am paying income tax to subsidise all these free-loading tax dodgers. Mmmm, I wonder when the Queen, Lewis Hamilton and Mrs. Brown's family and all the other underpayers, next need use the facilities of the NHS, they would consider how much better the corridors, where they wait for reatment, would be if they had made their real, honourable contribution? Never mind, I'll get a tax increase to pay for their free treatment in the Autumn Budget, no doubt, and if I haven't voted all the dead wood out by then, then the next election will give me the chance. I hope that I won't be charged for their treatment, but it seems to me that the UK Government isn't governing its lax overseas territories that want help when hurricanes devastate their tax havens but are more than happy to come to the UK when they need medical treatment, free, that can't be provided in their hugely wealthy tax havens. It's well overtime for a change.
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