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Loose rivets. In all my flying a low groundspeed never converts into a low airspeed.

I will be flying the correct approach speed (IAS)given the wind conditions.

When I go-around I will be at a safe speed to perform that manoeuvre. Done it quite a few times in several types but more so in various types of 737.

As for the example approach I certainly will not criticise the Pilots as I wasn't there and have no access obviously to the FDM data.

What I will say is that as Professional Pilots we are at times required to operate the aircraft in conditions that are not ideal but at the time are judged to be 'safe'. That judgement is given to a person who has been deemed experienced enough to make that judgement (i.e. the Captain) He or she would be failing in their responsibilities if they did not attempt to achieve their objective.

They tried but did not achieve their objective.

The go-around from what I have seen of it was well flown - they were certainly well prepared for that outcome.

I feel somewhat sorry that the Pilots here are being lambasted by people that are criticising the flight on the basis of a video without knowledge of the actual and the forecast WX plus any PIREPS.

It probably was an uncomfortable manoeuvre but it was safe and all the Pax lived to tell about it.

Well done that crew I say.
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