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And here where I am, a large group came from an airline that went bust. All very nice people I am sure. Most of them live in the same buildings and have or had a Whatapp group. The problem is, they all socialise together and all keep in touch. When one messes up, there is the possibility they tell their friends only half truths or not the correct full story and the next thing is, the all assume the company is bad. When one fails in training, they all think the company has done wrong and it's a bad place to be and creates worry and panic etc etc etc. Whatapp spreads rumours that may not always be the whole story or the truth. It can cause unrest and unnecessary worry. One may get sacked for a legitimate reason, but tells his/her friends only half a story and says he/she has been unfairly treated. This is one of the problems when you listen to half stories. Until I hear the facts from the inside, best to just have a another beer and move along. Some of the behaviour, performance or abilities sometimes shown justifies being sacked. Sad, but true. I can say where I am, the company does make every effort to help as much as it can. Sometimes the situation or event is beyond help. When someone is told they are no longer required, there tends to of benn a run of events and not always only one problem or incidence.

I must say, most here are positive and happy to be here if anywhere in the region.

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