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Mad Middle East Pilots

Hello, as a new pilot in the Middle East I would just like to know whether the factionalism I find in my company is common throughout the region.

What I mean is that at my airline all Pilots congregate into their national groups and then there are some that form groups that aren't based on nationality but on some other common factor (this is rarer) but nevertheless as dangerous.

Each group has its own sort of heirarchy with it's leaders, generals, and other ranks. Each group also commonly has a few guys that act like embassodors to other groups and also their fanatics that are closed minded and difficult to get through to.

There is also commonly alliances formed and broken between groups. In addition there is a great interest by each group to gather power over the rest by elevating it's members into the management.

The end result I find is that the company suffers as none of these groups have the companies best interests at heart.

I don't really feel part of any group, nor do I want to join one even though people from my nationality assumed that I would join in with them, this has left me quite alienated as I have somehow broken the holy order. After all one must join a group and not joining one is the ultimate rebellion which all groups agree on.

I also suspect that this culture is quite common amongst expats in the Middle East. So it would be no surprise to me to find same condition in other companies. It's funny because it sort of seems to be the same culture as the harsh tribal culture of the Bedouins of this region, must be something in the sand that does this to people. Most of whom claim that they are above this sort of behaviour.

Anyway, could people let me know of there are companies in the region where this sort of behaviour is less common or are there any. Also do you find this same condition back home with the airlines there? Different competing cliques forming around personalities or ideas? And finally what's your advise for making it around these parts while remaining independent. Do I have any chance of making it here in the long run?
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