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Latest update (such as it is)

1. There's little news - discussions between the airline and union are ongoing, but there seems to be little progress. The Union has tried to get the hiring of international pilots made illegal by trying to use state law (Antioquia) rather than National law, but at this point it doesn't seem to be successful
2.In terms of support for the pilots, again not much. The national tax people were suggesting they might strike in support of the pilots. As this is tax collection season whilst this might put some pressure on the Government its hardly going to have the local populace pushing for an end to the strike!
3. Avianca has cut back its schedule and presumably consolidated existing bookings onto fewer flights and directed new bookings to flights that they can staff. There was a table in the local press recently and the number of impacted passengers has been dropping significantly. I've also noticed the retiming of some flights (for example the Heathrow service arriving in Bogota earlier) which might be an attempt to provide more 'legal' connections from the new reduced services.
4. The Cali-Madrid (AV14/15)service now seems to be carried out by Wamos using a 332. Noticeably today the inbound is running eight and a half hours late...
5. On the horizon is peak holiday season in Colombia (December/January) when many people travel to the coast or abroad. The reduced availability of flights for that period might start to attract more press comment here.
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