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I've been hearing a little more of the damage being caused to my reputation - some of which from people who should know better.

By better, I mean people who should/could ask me if what they have heard is correct or, as is generally the case, incorrect.

So, if anyone is busy being rude about me behind their back - they can feel free to post their thoughts here, in public (even anonymously) and I'll respond - publicly, openly and honestly.

I have only ever had one version of this story. One. It has been, and is, entirely correct and accurate.

Ms Curtis-Taylor has seen fit to issue FOUR "clarifying" statements over the last 18 months - each one different from the one before.

I'm sorry if my actions have embarrassed certain people or organisations but I felt forced to choose between 'team-player' for a team that wasn't exactly playing by the rules or 'whistle-blower'. I kept silent for many months, but when awards started being handed out I was forced to act (initially with a simple private request that she just politely refuse further honours). After a second request was also ignored, my hand was called. The rest is history.

Safe flights all, Sam.
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