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I feel compelled to correct your post....

I had the displeasure to work for EK for a number of years before moving on to Turkish so I can give you first hand knowledge of some numbers.

I earned about 12500 or maybe close to 13K per month (US) as a line pilot... nowhere near your almost twice as much figure you mentioned. This was all based on a 92-95 hour month of flying with very rigorous and fatiguing rosters at EK. At at TK, I was paid from about 10500 to 11400/month (US) for about 70 to 80 hours per month in a 20 day period with 10 consecutive days off in a row each month and a confirmed seat upgradeable (which I always got) to any destination they flew.

If you take the "hourly" pay, TK paid much more than EK did since TK guys fly much less per month. EK had and continues to have a punitive-wide culture while the TK people are much nicer and easy going... absolutely day and night differences.

EK offers more benefits but at a much higher price to be paid... e.g., selling your soul to the devil for all the benefits.

Hope that clears it up for you....


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In the sandpit a 777 captain makes almost twice as much, if in training much more. It's going to be interesting to see how they attract people after the way they've been treating their pilots.

Even local guys flying widebody in their home country are trying to get out as soon as possible, which should be an indication of how much room for improvement there is