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Done comp washes for S340, S2000 turboprops and BR715 (turbofan) engines.
Saab engines, GE CT7 and RR Allison AE2100 engines were washed with water/detergent solution which sprayed to compressor. At least AE2100 have port to connect washing fluid "sprayer" which is nothing more than just a pressurized can filled with washing solution. Think we wash CT7 same way but cannot recall after all these years. Rotate eng with starter, do it ~twice and after this rinse with water + eng ground run to get rid of remaining fluid which may create smell. There is also procedure to disconnect some bleeds, and/or close some valves with compressed air, to avoid fluid getting there.

BR715 wash performed only with fresh warm water, which sprayed intake using spray nozzles attached to intake lip behind fan. This work also requires to prepare some of the bleed/press valves etc etc to avoid water getting there. Rotate eng with starter few times and after all eng run.

Canīt remember any digits for Saab engines, but if my memory serves right with BR715 we may find +20c deg reduction with EGT according to eng data. So, it will affect eng positively. Think numbers might be even bigger on more polluted area.
BR715 fan blades washed by hand regularly as well, no idea how much it helps eng but lots of dirt removed from blades anyway.
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