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Originally Posted by Boeing 7E7 View Post
By that logic, maybe we should just stay at home and do nothing. Just in case something (bad) happens!

The demise of Laker had more to do with BA on this side of the Atlantic and the large airlines in the US on that side of the Atlantic conspiring to dump seat prices on the routes that Laker competed on. Their express aim was to drive Laker out of business. You remember those massive US airlines: Pan Am and TWA - Oh wait, they went bust too!
It's funny to read all the Norpilots reassuring themselves that everything is ok. You seem to think they have a tracker loan, or fixed rate one? Nope. As the American market rises, one of two things will happen. Either the Trumpian aneurism in the market bursts, or interest rates rise. Let's all hope for Norwegian's sake, the former happens first. Lockerbie did for PanAm and TWA800 did for "try walking across". It won't take a crash to finish Norwegian. Bjørn Kjos will see to that.
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