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Pixy - I believe that the VAST majority of EK pilots agree with you! The reaction that we see now is towards a senior management which has identified training as the issue, (though to be fair, that is only my supposition) since it is an easy target and draws criticism away from the areas where it should be pointed.

Based on the company reaction to DME it is only natural that the pilots are concerned. When MM arrived we seen a change in training for the better and things improved dramatically. We have also seen (or read between the lines) as he was undercut over and over by senior management. There is no doubt that a decade ago there was more more 'checking' going on. MM manged that and managed those trainers who were the problem out of the department. The natural fear among the pilots now is that those days may be returning.

It should be clear to everyone that senior management is targeting pilots and training as the issue. While pilots obviously are at the forefront there has been NO acknowledgment from management that THEY have any responsibility in the events (rosters, fatigue etc etc).

Training is not the issue.
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