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Thank you for your answers ,Looking further ICAO Annex 14 vol 1 is providing the following information :

" A visual approach slope indicator system shall be provided to serve the approach to a runway whether or not
the runway is served by other visual approach aids or by non-visual aids, where one or more of the following conditions exist:
the runway is used by turbojet or other aeroplanes with similar approach guidance requirements;
the pilot of any type of aeroplane may have difficulty in judging the approach due to:
inadequate visual guidance such as is experienced during an approach over water or featureless
terrain by day or in the absence of sufficient extraneous lights in the approach area by night, or
misleading information such as is produced by deceptive surrounding terrain or runway slopes;
the presence of objects in the approach area may involve serious hazard if an aeroplane descends below the
normal approach path, particularly if there are no non-visual or other visual aids to give warning of such
physical conditions at either end of the runway present a serious hazard in the event of an aeroplane
undershooting or overrunning the runway; and
terrain or prevalent meteorological conditions are such that the aeroplane may be subjected to unusual
turbulence during approach."

But it doesn't say what happens if PAPI is inop .
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