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Originally Posted by Bayerische View Post
Ryanair flight attendant lifts the lid on startling working conditions ? and plans for a revolt

Spreading to the cabin crew ranks now. It could be a perfect storm for O'Leary.

That just makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. When I worked in that quagmire of a so-called airline I witnessed young, new, bright cabin crew (male and female) from many different countries reduced to tears, talked down to, and basically ripped apart by disgusting bully base supervisors who's attitude can only be described as abhorrent!

It was VERY upsetting to watch.

This has been going on for long over a decade! And lets not fool ourselves here nor question this Daily Telegraph article - that article is 100% true and correct!

This sadistic, bullying culture doesn't come from within one RYR "base" - it comes form the top! The very top! From MOL - who has made all his profits from standing on the necks of crew - and all his other evil sheep at the top with him!

It's hard not to feel deep-seeded disdain for such a sick and twisted airline management culture!

THERE IS A MASSIVE RISK TO SAFETY HERE: As a captain it is my duty to absolutely ensure that all my crew FO, pursor and juniors are "on the ball", clewed in, focussed and know their stuff. And yet where is the certainty in knowing my crew are of sound mind and not distracted should an emergency evacuation be required, or if a rapid decompression occurred, on-board smoke, a fire, fumes, bomb threat... or any other non-normal situation - but all the cabin crew can think of is that viscious cowardly borderline "corporal punishment" they just received from some sick base supervisor who was given strict instructions from top management to do so! "Safety first" - gimme a break!

MOL has to go along with his twisted bullyboy cronies if any good is to be made of what is - at the moment - a nasty ass "airline".
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