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Originally Posted by WakeTurb_69 View Post
Duty doesn't start till -85. I'm not required to do anything until then, so i will go and get a coffee. If I make it to the room before -85 then you should consider yourself lucky!
Wake - you are indeed correct. I chatted to a fella who decided to pick that fight. Fleet were most courteous and understanding and invited him in for a friendly chat, where he protested righteously his compliance with OMA. They were most appreciative of his interest in OMA compliance - told him gently that the when it came to the rules - his lack of 'off base notification' and 12hr prior in Dubai before to at least two flights in his recent months were additional topics of discussion - not to mention a look back at his travel record that revealed Non acclimation due return to base on pvt travel on more than a few occasions.

Not saying it's right, dont shoot the messenger - but pick your battles.
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