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I had no idea how the civvy GP system worked whilst I was in the RAF, nor did they give us any helpful guidance at the day I wasted doing some resettlement bolleaux at Aldershot.

So I rang the local 'health centre' up the road. Very helpful folk who told me that my RAF medical records should have been forwarded to some central repository after I'd left.

So I rang the RMC and asked them to unbugger themselves sharpish. Which they did...and the health centre received my records shortly afterwards.

Some weeks after I'd retired, I also received a nasty note from the gnasher-bashers complaining about a missed appointment. Having told them that the senior tooth fairy could henceforth perform an anatomically impossible act upon himself, I rang a nearby private fang-farrier, who was exceptionally helpful. "Don't bother about any records, just pop in", I was told. It now costs me around 14 per month.

It's a disgrace if medical records aren't being forwarded automatically to the GP associated with people's retirement address; those pointless resettlement sessions should cover such routine admin.
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