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Inoculation Records?

Honest - this is aviation related!

Recently went to my GP to get some slightly unusual jabs before an off-piste overseas trip. Amongst other things, he wanted me to have anti-tetanus; I pointed out that I'd had more of those than you could shake a stick (needle?) at over my regular service.

"What have you had then?" he asked - good bloke , always chatty about flying etc. Some minutes later, when I'd finished reeling off what I could remember, he said:

"Of course we've got no record of all that - or anything else from your Service medical records for that matter....."

In the time of Big Data, when everyone's computer speaks to everyone else's (my Driving Licence recently appeared with a copy of my Passport photo!) or seems to, why can't I (or my GP, or the NHS) get to my medical records of what is still more than half my life - 55.88% to be precise.

Any suggestions from the wide knowledge base that is PPRuNe??
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