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Originally Posted by TitanCadetScheme View Post
Dear ILiLLo,[...]
I want to sign off by asking you three questions and with a statement.

1) When was the last time you saw a UK airline offering to pay for ratings for cadets?
I think just the IAGO Thomas Cook Airlines UK Platinum pilot scheme. Your scheme was really nice indeed. Was not this the point.

2) Bearing in mind the above question, do you really feel that you put the absolute maximum best effort you could into your application to our scheme - or did you treat it as just "another" application?
I will be super honest, I didn't grow up dreaming to be a pilot for Titan airways, but when I saw your scheme, I spent almost an intere day to check your airline, your business sectors, your fleet, to prepare my cover letter and to answer in the best way the three questions you proposed in the application form. I am not lying. This is the way I showed my interest in your scheme and I think is not small thing considering that 99% of the time applicants don't even recive answers for their applications and that is really demotivating.

3) How many applications have you made to jobs that received no reply at all? Did you take to the internet to rail against those employers and training providers?
I sent between 50 to 100 applications in these last months. Got around 3-4 replies, just 2 positive. About your scheme I didn't like the things I already explained in my previous messages but at the same time I didn't want to be rude with you in particular. This was just a consequence of the frustrating context that a low hour pilot has to face daily.

However, I completely understand and sympathise with your position. I hope you can take my words as trying to give you a personal response as to why you perhaps didn't quite make our shortlist on this occasion.

We hope to run another cadet scheme in 2018 and we aim to learn from the whole process, and to improve it if necessary, when we conduct a full review of the scheme in due course.

We would welcome your next application in line with the advice that I've offered you.

Titan Airways Fleet Management Office (Airbus).
Thanks a lot for your offer. Regards
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