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While nearly 89% of the votes cast were in favour of its pay deal for directors, US pension funds Calstrs and Calpers voted against, while Calstrs also voted against the re-election of nearly the entire board, including O’Leary.

Their fellow shareholder NN Investment Partners said in a recent report that it had “growing concern about how the airline pays its staff and interacts with unions”.
The quote above is from the latest guardian article.

Someone people on here could be right about O'Leary. FR is no longer a start up or growing airline. O'Leary helped to revolutionise (hate it or love it) the airline sector in Europe, but the revolution is over and the revolutionaries are usualy the first causlities of the revolution. Ryanair is now a very profitable and established airline, it may need a more pragmatic and stable management to allow it to grow into the future. O'Leary has maybe overstayed his welcome. You could argue that O'Leary is a fundamentalist and an idealist, but usually those sort of personalities aren't the best people to run large established organisations.

Interesting to note from the above quote that some investors are genuinely concerned about the employment model.
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