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I gather FR insist that pilots make a choice of months from a list and then company allocates it. 25 days leave, 15 must be taken in the one month (works out with 5/4 roster). They reduced the ad hoc days from 10 to 3 to account for reduced year. Used to only be applicable to contractors... part of the whole self employed lark. Then rolled out to all staff. Company surly knew about this a long time in advance (2016 according to press?) So either they got their maths wrong (I have my doubts) or they sold a schedule but underestimated the resignations and over estimated training capacity. Appropriate, good, stable staffing are the key to any business and FR would do well to address these fundamental issues. It must be getting expensive. As an aside I gather there's a rumour of a backlog of delivery's that are on hold due to FR not wanting to accept them at this time. Anyone with info on this?
I was asked by a relative about whether he should book a flight given the risk of cancellations.... no idea was my answer. I think he's booked with a competitor as he can't take the risk due work and therin lies another cost that's difficult to quantify..... trust!
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