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Very happy in the crewroom thanks, as I said I left WHEN I got bored and fed up, not after, I didn't hang around like many crew room doom and gloom merchants bemoaning their lot and whining about how it was "back in the day! And I certainly didn't want to become one of those VSO's who I think secretly shared my view of flying after a few tours and decided to become flying avoiding VSO's as soon as they could.

In fact as far as laugh-a-minute went, I was carpeted by a SO for "an irreverent sense of humour, particularly toward those in authority..." so afraid you're a bit off there, and I keep in touch with mates from those days, so no probs.

Don't be sad for me, I loved it at first, and as I said as soon as I stopped enjoying it I did something about it and left. It WAS a challenge, and I loved achieving it, but I grew bored and needed a new challenge, one that was outside of flying and the military.
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