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I think we have got a bit over the top on this freewheel question - the amount of friction I was suggesting would be very low unless there was some problem with the freewheel disengaging properly.

AAKEE - I agree with what you say about needing an NF/Nr split to be in true auto and maybe this is where the higher RoD issue has come from - it is always difficult on these forums comparing apples with apples without detailed explanations of exact circumstances.

Chopjock, you are correct about the RoD in auto and the only way a freewheel would affect that following an engine failure, would be if the freewheel had not fully disengaged - it can happen.

Out of interest, how many people actually check the functioning of their freewheels on a regular basis - we had specific checks for it on the Sea King but on a single you would need to enter auto and flare to split the Nr from the Nf (or equivalent).
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