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Originally Posted by IsDon View Post
I have it from a very good source that the Human Refuse (HR) department... Have their spies out.
If a non-participant may add a comment, there's every reason to believe that airline HR departments DO monitor social media. It's a new era, privacy is an illusion and there's an excellent chance that airline HR departments monitor popular sites like Facebook, PPRuNe, etc. There is a HUGE supply of pilots ( Up Here and Down There) and HR folks are looking for ways to cull the herd.

You probably won't want to read all of it but this thread was started by a guy with VERY close ties to Delta HR and likely knows what he's talking about. DL is hiring by the thousands...and is still thinning the herd for the slightest misstep no matter where they can find it. At least read the last 5 pages or so with reference to people's reactions on DL's pilot employment Facebook page and Derg's comments thereon.

It's a new world, folks. Don't help them stop you before you even get started:

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