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TC . You are full of it old boy and getting confused in your old age !!
1) EOL does not refer to ,if or if not , the auto is done with or without the engine . It is specifically the LANDING . You can do an auto with engine then elect to shut down to do your EOL . This is the preference of most of my instructors over the years .. ( secret is in the word LANDING ) .
2). It appears even you are not sure what type of fuel shut off is used either ? But you do acknowledge that it could reduce fuel flow and then Nr . So my question was would it be possible , with the old valve , to reduce flow to stop over speed .
Your rampant ego and aggressive nature may frighten some people off from asking questions , which is not helpful !! This is not your show and it shouldn't be used as the TC soap box telling us what a God you ( used ) to be ...... !!!
Ps ... it was rather pleasant and good humoured while you were away . Your not going on holiday again soon by any chance ??!!
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