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That's very good news for CWL. Hopefully the research has been done and both QR and CWL are confident they'll be able to make this route a success.
In numbers, it will mean 22 Business Class seats and 232 Economy seats to fill, totalling 254 seats a day, and nearly 1,800 a week. Obviously they won't need to fill it to break even and with underbelly cargo, that'll offset any costs too.
Remember, airports make their money from passenger footfall, as well as car parking and other ancillary revinues. At 100% load factor QR is only going to bring 92,710 extra passengers through CWL a year, so let's hope it's the money spent on getting QR in, plus anything to be spent on upgrades and marketing will make up for that.
92,710 seats is the equivalent to another 2-3 Flybe flights per day so although a fantastic airline to have operating out of CWL, I hope it's all beneficial to CWL and Wales as a whole - especially given the talk that the WG may have had a hand in getting QR in.
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